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Governor Fubara Takes Steps to Revitalize Rivers Assembly Quarters and Emohua-Kalabari Road

Gov Fubara set to renovate Rivers Assembly quarters
Gov Fubara set to renovate Rivers Assembly quarters

Governor Sir Siminalayi Fubara, today, embarked on an inspection visit to assess the condition of the  Rivers State House of Assembly quarters  Governor Fubara clarified that the purpose of his visit was to evaluate the need for potential rehabilitation work to improve the livability of the quarters.

During his inspection, Governor Fubara emphasized the significance of the Assembly quarters, asserting, “Is the Assembly quarters not part of my property? Is there anything wrong in going to check how things are going on there?”

He further highlighted the recent changes in leadership within the Assembly and expressed his commitment to ensuring the well-being of lawmakers.

In addition to the Assembly quarters, Governor Fubara also inspected the 15.24 kilometres long Emohua – Abalama -Tema Junction dual carriageway road project. He revealed plans to assess the progress of the road works in preparation for its commissioning during his upcoming first anniversary in office.

Governor Fubara acknowledged the challenges inherited from the previous administration but emphasized his administration’s commitment to addressing them. He stated, “Governance is all about the people. When the people are out of the centre of governance, then it is no longer governance.”

Highlighting the significance of the road project, Governor Fubara noted its role in improving transportation and enhancing security by reducing criminal activities in the area.

He emphasized the importance of governance in improving the lives of the people, particularly those of Kalabari extraction.

The Governor concluded by reaffirming his dedication to serving the people of Rivers State and ensuring their well-being.

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