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House of Representatives Proposes Two Vice Presidents in Constitutional Reform Bill

Reps proposes two Vice presidents for North and South
Reps proposes two Vice Presidents for North and Southern zones in reform bill

In a move to address long-standing issues of unrest and division, the House of Representatives has proposed a constitutional reform bill that includes the creation of two Vice Presidential positions, representing the Northern and Southern regions of Nigeria.

The bill, sponsored by 35 members, has passed its first reading in the House and aims to promote inclusivity, improve governance efficiency, and enhance national stability.

According to Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, spokesperson for the group and representative of Ideato North/South federal constituency, the proposed reforms will reduce government expenditure and enhance the country’s political process.

The two Vice Presidential positions will see one Vice President from the same region as the President, who will succeed the President if incapacitated, and another focused on economic management.

This initiative is part of broader efforts to rotate executive powers among the six geopolitical zones, ensuring equal representation and reducing regional tensions.

The lawmakers are calling for public support and urging citizens to engage with their representatives to advocate for the passage of these critical reform bills.

They emphasize that collective effort and participation are crucial for the success of these reforms, which seek to build a more unified and prosperous Nigeria.

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