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Reps seek a 6-year tenure for president, rotation among geo-political zones

Reps seek 6-year tenure for president, rotation among zones

A group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives has proposed amendments to the 1999 Constitution aimed at promoting stability and efficiency in governance. The proposals include the rotation of the presidency among the six geo-political zones of the country and a single tenure of six years for the President and governors.

According to sources, the lawmakers believe that these changes will help to reduce government spending and wastage, thereby promoting cost-cutting measures. They also hope that it will lead to a more efficient and stable governance system.

The proposal is seen as a step towards addressing the country’s governance challenges, which have been plagued by corruption, inefficiency, and instability. If implemented, the changes could help to restore public trust in government and promote economic development.

The lawmakers are expected to present their proposal to the National Assembly for further consideration. It remains to be seen whether the proposed amendments will be adopted and implemented.

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