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TETFund’s TERAS Platform Enrolls Over 2.5 Million Students

TETFund's TERAS Platform Enrolls Over 2.5 Million Students

During the 2nd Registrars’ Workshop and 75th Business Meeting of the Association of Registrars of Nigerian Universities (ARNU), Sonny Echono, the Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), revealed significant enrollment figures for the Tertiary Education, Research, Applications and Services (TERAS) platform.

Echono disclosed that over 2.5 million students have been enrolled in TERAS, which was launched in 2023 to serve as a centralized hub for tertiary education services.

TETFund’s emphasis on maximizing the utilization of ICT infrastructure for administrative and research purposes was highlighted during the event. Echono underscored the agency’s commitment to providing access to learning resources for students and staff of tertiary institutions.

He expressed concerns over the underutilization of available resources, stressing the importance of tracking usage metrics.

Furthermore, Echono emphasized the role of registrars in ensuring the effective utilization of ICT infrastructure for administrative purposes. He highlighted TETFund’s efforts to connect all National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Study Centres nationwide with ICT fiber infrastructure to enhance resource accessibility for students.

The significance of credible and up-to-date data in the education system was also highlighted, with Echono emphasizing the importance of ICT in data management for effective national planning. The workshop aimed to enhance the skills of university registrars and keep them abreast of global trends in university administration.

In response, Ife Oluwale, the National Chairman of ARNU, commended TETFund’s efforts in capacity development and urged proprietors of universities and government agencies to prioritize the training of registrars and other personnel.

The workshop served as a platform for stakeholders to address challenges and explore opportunities for enhancing the efficiency and quality of university administration in Nigeria.

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