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President Tinubu Pledges Support for Ibom Deep Sea Port Project – Umo Eno

President Tinubu Pledges Support for Ibom Deep Sea Port Project - Umo Eno

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Umo Eno, revealed that President Bola Tinubu has reaffirmed his committed to providing crucial support for the realization of the Ibom Deep Sea Port project.

The disclosure came following a meeting between Gov. Eno and President Tinubu at the State House in Abuja on Wednesday.

Governor Eno conveyed that President Tinubu has instructed him to present a Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations (MRO) memo for approval, emphasizing the necessity of collaboration between Akwa Ibom State and the Federal Government to meet budgetary requirements.

“We’ve talked and requested him to support us with our Ibom deep seaport and agricultural programme on the oil palm. The President has graciously granted that I bring the memo to the requests, including MRO,” stated Gov. Eno.

Highlighting the significance of the Ibom Deep Seaport project, Gov. Eno emphasized its potential as a transshipment port catering to the South East and South South geopolitical zones. He pointed out that the port’s exceptional depth positions it as a crucial hub, addressing concerns of congestion in Lagos.

“Ibom Deep Seaport has the deepest depth that will bring in the ship, and we can transship from that point. Again, Lagos is there, but you also know Lagos is congested. So you need a deep seaport that will take care of the South East, South-South; if you like, the Niger Delta region,” explained the governor.

Additionally, Governor Eno sought President Tinubu’s support for Akwa Ibom State’s Agricultural programme, specifically focusing on reviving the palm oil industry, which has been dormant for 28 years.

It is noteworthy that in December 2020, the Akwa Ibom State Government announced the Federal Government’s approval of $2.016 billion as the first installment of the $4.6 billion Ibom Deep Seaport project.

Beyond its potential as the eastern gateway of Nigeria, the Ibom Deep Seaport strategically positions itself to serve the West and Central African region, including JDZ Sao Tome, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Angola, Gabon, Congo, Congo DRC, Chad, etc.

Akwa Ibom is known for their rich tourist attractions with the state having the most beautiful football stadium in Nigeria as well as the best ecumenical center recently commissioned by the state government.

Most Nigerians consider Uyo, the state capital of Akwa Ibom as the neatest and most eco-friendly city in the country.

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