2019 Nigerian Elections : Videos Suggest Tinubu and Wife Induced Voters With Money

Videos have emerged on the social media suggesting that the Leader of the All Progressives Congress National, Ahmed Tinubu and his wife, Oluremi Tinubu, likely induced voters with money.

In one of the videos, where Tinubu spoke in Yoruba, he was talking about the cooperation of the  “INEC and the police” and that money will be shared.

He was also heard saying that in the “February 23rd presidential election that the APC won only 5 local government areas in Lagos state.”

In another video, his wife Oluremi Tinubu was seen telling an Igbo voter that his people were no longer trusted after the voter told her he had voted her candidate, Buhari, in the presidential elections.

The videos, which were posted recently, are undated but conversations in them show it was around the time of the last presidential elections.

Money For Votes: “Show me your hand, get the money.”

Shortly after casting her votes at the polling unit located directly in front of her Bourdillon residence, Mrs. Tinubu addressed a crowd of people who were making monetary requests from her, she said, “Show me your hand, get the money.” according to a report by the Punch Newspaper.

The conversation between miss Tinubu and the crowd suggested that the voters may have come to be paid after voting her candidate in the presidential polls but Mrs. Tinubu, who was addressing the crowd in a mixture of pidgin English, Yoruba and Itsekiri languages, however, said she was not into vote-buying.

She urged the people to go to the polling booth and cast their votes.

Speaking specifically to an Igbo man, Charles Nnamani, in pidgin, Mrs. Tinubu complained that the Igbo in Lagos did not vote for President Muhammadu Buhari during the presidential election.

But Nnamani, who is physically-challenged, told her that he voted for Buhari.

Responding, Mrs. Tinubu said, “How will I know? You Igbo, we don’t trust you anymore.”

Among the crowd was an Itsekiri woman and her children who told the former Lagos State First Lady in her dialect that she came with her children because she heard that money was being shared.

Earlier, while speaking with journalists, Tinubu, who represents  ‎Lagos Central at the Senate, attributed the low voter turnout at the polling unit to her belief that the elite living in the highbrow area believed that only the Federal Government’s policies could impact on their business interests.

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