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France Considers Ban on Smartphones for Children Under 11 and Social Media for Those Under 15

Man denied Visa Application as checks showed he owes loan App N5k
Man denied Visa Application as checks showed he owes loan app N5k

French President, Emmanuel Macron has thrown his weight behind a proposed ban on smartphones for children under 11 and social media for those under 15.

The move comes amid growing concerns about the negative impact of technology and social media on children and teenagers.

A panel of experts commissioned by the Elysee Palace made the recommendation in a report published earlier this year.

The report suggests that children under 11 should not use smartphones, and those under 13 should not have access to the internet. Social media apps should be off-limits for anyone under 15, with minors over 15 only having access to ‘ethical’ platforms.

The report read in parts:

“Children needed to be protected from the tech industry’s profit-driven “strategy of capturing children’s attention, using all forms of cognitive bias to shut children away on their screens, control them, re-engage them and monetise them”. Children were becoming “merchandise” in this new tech market, the report said, adding: “We want [the industry] to know we’ve seen what they’re doing and we won’t let them get away with it.”

The proposed ban has been met with mixed reactions, with some welcoming the move as a necessary step to protect children, while others have raised concerns about implementation and enforcement.

Lawmakers are set to decide which apps will be affected by the ban and how the recommended measures will be enforced.

The expert panel in France has called for tighter rules for tech companies, which they say are primarily responsible for the problem.

The report’s recommendations are based on concerns about the negative effects of technology and social media on children’s mental and physical health, as well as their social and emotional well-being.No timeline has been set for new legislation, and it remains unclear how the ban would be enforced.

Some commentators have suggested that app makers and tech companies would be required to build in age restrictions, while others believe parents would be responsible for enforcing the ban at home.

The French government’s move is part of a growing international debate about the impact of technology on young minds. Other countries are also considering similar measures to protect children from the potential harmful effects of technology and social media.

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