Japa: 7 U.S. cities that offer incentives to new residents

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In an effort to revitalize their economies and communities, many smaller cities and towns across the US are now offering financial incentives to attract new residents.

This new trend comes as many residents are leaving larger cities and coastal states in search of more affordable living conditions.

Here are seven cities in the United States that are offering incentives for people to move in, according to Business Insider:

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: $10,000 to remote workers through the “Tulsa Remote” program
  • Columbus, Georgia: $5,000 to remote workers earning at least $75,000 annually
  • Lincoln County, Kansas: $4,500, internet credit, gym membership, and farm-fresh eggs to remote workers
  • Mississippi County, Arkansas: up to $50,000 for homebuyers who commit to living in the county for at least four years
  • Newton, Iowa: $10,000 for home purchases worth at least $240,000
  • The Shoals, Alabama: $10,000 to remote workers who relocate and earn at least $52,000 annually
  • West Virginia: $10,000 in monthly installments over the first year and a final $2,000 after the second year through the Ascend WV program

According to Time Doctor News, “These initiatives provide a special chance to reinvent one’s lifestyle while fostering the expansion and diversity of America’s smaller towns and cities.” Despite the appeal of these incentives, it’s important to consider their potential impact on nearby communities and the cost of living.

These cities aim to boost their local populations and economies by attracting talent and spending. Some programs have already seen success, with Lincoln County’s initiative attracting interest from 23 other counties and Mississippi County’s program drawing in 80 new homebuyers.

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