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Pakistani court sentences man to life imprisonment for Kidnapping and raping his wife

Pakistani court sentences man to life imprisonment for Kidnapping and raping his wife

A landmark decision has been made by a court in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, sentencing a man to life imprisonment for the heinous crimes of kidnapping and raping his underage wife. This historic verdict marks a significant step towards upholding women’s rights in the country.

The perpetrator, who had kidnapped the young girl and kept her captive for several days before subjecting her to sexual violence, has been found guilty of both rape and abduction. In addition to the life sentence, he has also been fined a significant amount.

This case highlights the prevalence of gender-based violence in Pakistan, where patriarchal norms often perpetuate harmful attitudes towards women. The country has made progress in recent years, with marital rape being criminalized since 2021. However, the persistence of underage marriages, often arranged by guardians and rooted in cultural traditions, remains a concern.

The victim’s family had not performed a civil marriage ceremony with the perpetrator, only a spiritual one, which has meant that the young girl has been able to remain living with her parents. The conviction is a crucial step towards ensuring justice for victims of such crimes and promoting a culture of accountability.

This ruling is being hailed as an important step forward in the fight against gender-based violence in Pakistan, where women’s rights have often been compromised. The judiciary’s willingness to hold perpetrators accountable is a crucial factor in creating a safer and more equitable society for all.

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