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Nigeria Customs Service Seizes N1.8 Billion Worth of Fake Drugs in Oyo/Osun Area Command

Customs Seizes N1.8 Billion Worth of Fake drugs in Oyo

In a press briefing held at the Command headquarters, Comptroller Ben Oramalugo of the Nigeria Customs Service revealed a significant interception of fake drugs in Oyo.

20240302 110124 REPORT AFRIQUE International Nigeria Customs Service Seizes N1.8 Billion Worth of Fake Drugs in Oyo/Osun Area Command

Nigerian Custom Seizes 1.8 Billion worth of fake pharmaceuticals in Oyo/Osun Command

He revealed that the Oyo/Osun Area Command successfully seized sacks of counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs valued at over N1.8 billion.

Comptroller Ben emphasized the Command’s commitment to enforcing the Federal Government’s policy on border closure to safeguard citizens from harmful imports.

He highlighted the interception of various contraband goods, including counterfeit pharmaceuticals and used tyres, aimed at preserving economic stability and citizens’ well-being.

The seizures included 53 sacks of fake pharmaceutical drugs valued at ₦1,739,000,000.00 and 1,309 pieces of used tyres worth ₦70,140,000.00.

Additionally, other confiscated items comprised foreign parboiled rice, premium motor spirit (PMS), Indian hemp, used clothing and shoes, foreign wine, and foreign vegetable oil, totalling a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N1,890,022,931.00.

Despite economic challenges, the Command demonstrated resilience in revenue generation, collecting N5,664,295,751.15 in February 2024, bringing the cumulative collection for the fiscal year to N12,489,250,090.11.

Comptroller Ben reiterated the closure of borders within the Command’s jurisdiction and commended the efforts of traditional rulers, local government chairmen, and stakeholders in combating smuggling activities.

The Nigeria Customs Service affirmed its dedication to transparency, accountability, and the nation’s well-being, underscoring the collective efforts required to overcome challenges and foster a secure and prosperous future for Nigeria.

The details of the interception were released on Friday by the Nigerian Customs Service via its official X handle.

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