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Japa: Top 5 countries that offer work visas with proof of funds requirements

Top 5 countries that offer work visas with proof of funds

In a bid to attract top talent from around the world, several countries have announced new work visa routes and relaxed financial requirements to facilitate permanent residency. These initiatives aim to address labor shortages in key sectors, including healthcare, construction, and technology.


Germany has simplified the process for skilled workers to obtain the Blue Card visa, allowing them to secure jobs at a lower salary threshold. The country is also offering an accelerated path to permanent residency for Blue Card holders, with eligibility after just 21 months. To demonstrate their financial stability, applicants must show a minimum bank balance of EUR 5,682.


Finland is taking a similar approach, aiming to increase work-based migration to 30,000 individuals annually. The country is actively seeking skilled professionals globally, particularly in sectors like healthcare, social work, and construction. Applicants seeking residence permits must demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves in Finland, with a minimum requirement of EUR 2,000.

New Zealand

New Zealand has expanded its Green List to include a range of professions in construction, IT, and engineering. The country has also introduced a new visa program for care workers, providing an opportunity for permanent residency and work opportunities. To apply for a work permit visa, candidates must demonstrate possession of at least NZD $4,200.


In Canada, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has broadened its scope to include 279 additional occupations. Employers in seven selected sectors may hire up to 30% of their workforce in low-wage positions through work permits for foreign talents. To ensure financial stability, individuals immigrating to Canada must meet specific financial requirements, which vary based on the number of family members accompanying the primary applicant.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has introduced a new immigration policy, requiring foreign workers to earn at least £38,700 to obtain a work visa. Successful applicants must also demonstrate a minimum bank balance of £1,270 to show they can support themselves in the UK.


Cyprus has launched its Golden Knowledge Programme for foreign nationals in the research and innovation sector, offering expedited citizenship through a fast-track process. The country is also seeking to recruit nurses from non-EU countries and requires applicants to demonstrate sufficient proof of funds, including a minimum income of EUR 2,000 per month and proof of at least EUR 10,000 in a Cyprus bank account.

These initiatives aim to attract top talent from around the world, addressing labor shortages and supporting economic growth in these countries.

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