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Nigerian Boxer Larry Ekundayo wins IBF European Championship (Video)

larry Ekundayo
UK based Nigerian Boxer, Larry ‘The Natural’ Ekundayo, last night at the York Hall, Bethnal Green (the home of British Boxing) defeated John Thain to win the European IBF title in the welterweight division.
Ekundayo in an impressive performance won the contest unanimously, with all three judges scoring him as winner.
larry ekundayo
In a fight that lasted 12 rounds, Larry Ekundayo showed class as he outboxed Thain who suffered from a broken nose and was left bleeding for about 6 rounds.
While Thain looked worn out as the rounds progressed Ekundayo did not break sweat and looked confident and agile till the last bell.
Ekundayo now hopes to challenge for the world title and in a video made available after the fight. Speaking in Yoruba, Ekundayo said that he wants to defend his title in Nigeria.
Ekundayo hopes to visit Nigeria with his belt soon to thank Nigerians for their support and has promised to give back to Nigeria by helping young boxers develop their talent to international standards.



A graduate of the University of Lagos, Ekundayo was born in 1982. He started boxing for self-defense at the age of 12. At 17 he qualified to take part in the 1999 All African Games in South Africa. As the 1998 Nigerian Amateur Bantamweight champion he wanted to continue in that category, but he didn’t meet up with the bantamweight requirements at the All African Games. So, he moved to the welterweight category.

larry win ibf ekundaro

larry ekundayo
Picture Credit: Lawrence Lustig
Terry Carruthers V Larry Ekundayo
Ekundayo Wins

In 2006 and 2007, Ekundayo (‘The Natural’) was the London Regional Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) champion. He made it to the English quarterfinals of ABA in 2007. As an amateur, he was in 125 fights – and he won 110 out of them all. However, he was unable to go professional earlier in the UK due to immigration issues.

Last year, World Heavy Weight champion, Anthony Joshua and Ekundayo met at an event  and the Nigerian boxer took to his Instagram to share a video of an endorsement from the Brit boxer.

This recent win against Thain sets Ekundayo on a whole new track in the world boxing records.


Watch the full fight here:

Full fight (play from 3 hours 23mins and 30 seconds) –


Post fight video clip (Message to his Mother land!) –

Full post fight interview –

2nd Post fight interview –

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