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Our team is made up of seasoned and passionate professionals working with our editorial guideline and ethics policies to ensure that contents published on our website are verified and factually accurate.

Philip Thomas
Executive Editor

Journalist and Social Activist with focus on Nigeria and Africa

Miebaka Inyeinengi
News Editor

Miebaka is a seasoned journalist with years of experience. His vast work in Africa keeps him as one of the front line journalists in the region.

Desmond Lloyd
Politics and Governance

Desmond has vast experience as a news reporter in Nigeria interfacing with various government agencies.

Joe Ogbodu
Political Editor

Joe Ogbodu is a prolific writer with over 8 years experience in investigative journalism. Ogbodu has worked with the POINTER Newspaper, the Compass Newspaper, THEWILL and Inside Niger Delta Magazine. Ogbodu currently serves as Political Editor for REPORT AFRIQUE.

Anthony Eshemokhai
Head, Corporate Marketing

Anthony Eshemokhai is an Accountant with a Masters Degree in Financial Management, a former banker with 15 years experience and former head of governance and public sector affairs at

Christopher Sowah
Entertainment Writer

Christopher Sowah (Cypress) is a Ghanaian travel writer and blogger with strong passion for the creative arts industry & business. Sowah writes for Report Afrique from Ghana.

Nora Johnson

Nora is a bespoke TV presenter that has worked with the Silber bird TV and the Rivers State Television (RSTV). She anchors the online TV show, "The Drift" for Report Afrique TV.

Roland Numofagha
Sport Contributor

Roland is a blogger, social media manager, football enthusiast, sports analyst and a certified teacher. Roland writes on sports from Abuja, Nigeria.

Michael Iboh
Staff Writer

Michael A. G. Iboh is a political enthusiasts and analyst. He is very passionate about digital journalism and has completed Reuters course on Digital Journalism. He writes for REPO|RT AFRIQUE from Port Harcourt.
Kelvin Felix
Staff Writer

Kelvin Felix is a finance and tech enthusiast who blends creative storytelling with detailed facts. He is passionate about bringing the latest on finance and tech trends to life through his writing.

Victor Eduoh
Business Contributor

Victor Eduoh is a SaaS content Strategist, product storyteller and copywriter. He is the co-founder of Digital Sprout, an indigenious firm which helps businesses in Africa level up on the opportunities that abound on the internet. Victor writes on business and startups for Report Afrique.

Babajide Fadoju
Contributor - Politics

Babajide Fadoju is currently the Director of Digital Media at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). Before now, he was the Head of digital communications with the Oyo State Government for a period of 5 years.

In addition to what he does at AMAA, he leads the team, at Illumination’s Communications, a PR|Comms firm in Nigeria.

Babjide writes on startups and corporate governance in Africa.

Festus Ogun

Festus Ogun is a writer, researcher and legal analyst passionate about democratic governance, policies and human rights. He writes for REPORT AFRIQUE from Lagos, Nigeria.

Osaze Isesele
Staff Writer
Osaze E. Isesele is a strategic communications and public relations enthusiast with interest in politics, enterprise and development. 
His over 7 years experience in the media and communications landscape spans print and broadcast journalism, digital and social media as well as corporate communications. 
Osaze resides and works for REPORT AFRIQUE from the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, Nigeria. 
Akinseye Ogunwale Emmanuel

Akinseye Ogunwale is a creative photographer and videographer addicted to visual story telling using unusually compelling images. Ogunwale works for REPORT AFRIQUE from Ibadan, Nigeria.

Prof. Okechukwu Edward Okeke

Okechukwu Edward Okeke is a professor of History at Federal University Otuoke, Nigeria. He can be reached via okekeoe@fuotuoke’ or [email protected]

John Chukwudi Okafor
Contributor (Politics)

John is an Intelligent, creative and focused technocrat and political analyst.

Rotimi Bolaji Onadipe

National Coordinator- Internet Abuse Awareness & Prevention Project, Nigeria.

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Reginald Tobin

Reginald Tobin is a Journalist, Writer and Social Commentator.