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Meta Monetization in nigeria: 5 Things to do to Get Monetized

Meta Monetization in Nigeria for Nigerian creators : 7 Things to do to Get Monetized

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp has announced it will monetize Nigerian creators in June, 2024.

Meta said it will start monetization in Nigeria on Instagram. Creators are hopeful that the feature will be extended to Facebook before the end of 2024.

Meta Monetization has been active in 22 countries, leaving the rest of the world struggling to earn from the social media giant.

Creators in countries that are ineligible for monetization have, however, found ways to get their pages monetized by partnering with admins residing in eligible countries.

As Nigerians await the launch of this feature in their country, here are 5 things you should do to get monetized by Meta:

Create and Post Original contents

post original contents on meta monetization in nigeria
Meta Monetization In Nigeria: 5 Things To Do To Get Monetized 12

Meta is keen on original contents. They frown a lot at sharing copyrighted contents and take serious actions against users who infringe on other people’s copyrights.

To get monetized on Facebook or Instagram in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, it is important that you start sharing original contents.

Contents here would mean textual articles, images and videos( including reels).

Avoid Graphic Contents and Foul Words

Facebook monetization
Meta Monetization In Nigeria: 5 Things To Do To Get Monetized 13

While making your contents, avoid posting graphic contents or using foul words.

Graphic content refers to any type of visual material that is considered disturbing, offensive, or inappropriate, it can include photographs, videos, illustrations, and other types of digital or print media that depict explicit or graphic images.

Also, avoid using foul, offensive or sensitive words. Words like “kill, killing, shoot, rape, sex, drugs etc” should be used with caution. Facebook algorithms are automatically programmed to detect and blacklist these words. This can lead to Facebook flagging your post etc.

In some cases, it is best to code use them. For example, sex is often written as “sx” and porn, written as “p0rn” to confuse the algorithm. However, note that this is not a sustainable technique as Facebook will someday update its algorithm to be able to detect these techniques.

Avoid Hate Speech: Do Not Use Hate Words or Phrases or Contents

avoid hate speech for meta monetization in nigeria
Meta Monetization In Nigeria: 5 Things To Do To Get Monetized 14

Avoid using hate words or phrases on your Facebook posts or comments. Outside the algorithm flagging your post, it could be reported by your followers.

Hate speech refers to abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or similar grounds. These also include racist and sexist remarks.

If found guilty of using or posting hate contents, Meta could give you a strike and delete your post.

Posting hate contents could stop you from getting monetized on Meta platforms.

Do not Post Fake News

meta monetization in nigeria avoid fake news
Meta Monetization In Nigeria: 5 Things To Do To Get Monetized 15

Meta seriously frowns at fake news. Do not post nor share fake news if you hope to get your account or page monetized on Facebook.

It is important to verify your news before you post it on Meta platforms. In a situation where you were misinformed to post fake news, retrieve the post and make a disclaimer as soon as you realize it was fake.

The video below explains what Facebook is doing to enlighten users on articles sharing.

YouTube player

Grow Your audience and Engagements

meta monetization on facebook and instagram for nigerians
Meta Monetization In Nigeria: 5 Things To Do To Get Monetized 16

To get monetized on any of the Meta platforms, there are required followership number and engagement standards that Facebook and Instagram require that you must have.

The requirements vary by platforms and by monetization type. for instance, you need a minimum of 10,000 followers, 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days with at least 60,000 minutes of the 600,000 total minutes must include minutes viewed from live videos to qualify for in Facebook In Stream ads monetization,

These vary for every monetization features.

These are the first things to do in your quest to get monetized on Facebook and Instagram. There are more and we will explain further in our next posts.

Our next post will be on how to qualify for each monetization features, requirements, do’s and don’ts, easy hacks etc.

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