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Former Security Guard, Tim Hogins, Launches Blacqmarket As A Tech Game Changer For Africa

Tim Hogins Blacqmarket

Off the back of celebrating 10-years in business, former security guard turned business magnate (serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist), Tim Hogins, announces the launch of Blacqmarket, a tech game changer for Africa.

The ultimate African dream, Blacqmarket is for the people by the people and to the people. Tim Hogins has created THE solution for entrepreneurship on the African continent, not just South Africa. Using cutting edge technology, Blacqmarket is an equal opportunity large scale employer, proud supporting SMME entrepreneurship.

“We live in unprecedented times. With the constant threat of unemployment, economic downturn and the COVID 19 pandemic weighing heavily on potentially 11 million South Africans unemployed. A huge percentage of these being youth, it comes with no doubt our future is at a perilous point. This is why Blacqmarket is an urgent solution needed,” shares Tim Hogins.

Blacqmarket brings together the possibility of kick starting the largely informal sector by bringing them online safely and securely. Blacqmarket will afford the common businessperson a solution that will make them continue to trade and fairly earn despite the situation on the ground. Blacqmarket gives the economy a fool proof approach to moving online. Blacqmarket is the first online global marketplace securely backed by a blockchain. No-one else is doing that in the world let alone Africa or South Africa.

image002 RA WORLD NEW Former Security Guard, Tim Hogins, Launches Blacqmarket As A Tech Game Changer For Africa
Former Security Guard, Tim Hogins, Launches Blacqmarket As A Tech Game Changer For Africa 7

A shop on Blacqmarket offers:

  • Most secure e-commerce blockchain enabled platform – this makes all transactions safe and secure.
  • Lowest merchant fees – we have kept fees low so that the shop owner retains more.
  • Free logistics for parcels 5kg and less – we have an exclusive logistical solution that covers the whole of South Africa with guaranteed 3 day delivery.
  • Safest logistics due to counter to counter – eliminating the hands that handle the parcels we make it safer.
  • Accommodates formal and informal traders – unlike other platforms we encourage all who have a product to sell it on our platform.
  • Split payments on a single item – an incentive to give more opportunity for people to buy more.
  • Group purchasing engine – we can now group buy for more value for the buyer giving more opportunity of shop produce guaranteed to be bought.

These opportunities for each shop opened will go a long way to alleviate the fledging economy. Each shop will attract an annual fee of R1200, a fee a third cheaper than Blacqmarket’s closet competitor. This annual fee is converted into the eZar cryptocurrency which retains the value of the fees. Administrative fees will go towards the maintenance of the site and advertising costs to drive traffic to the site. The Blacqmarket platform offers this safe haven by running a cryptocurrency ecosystem, where it’s pegged 1:1 to the Rand.

Each shop will have a shop assistant that will be an unemployed youth to assist in the unemployment challenge – The Blacqmarket platform aims to be the solution that will help not just any SMME but generate employment down the line.

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