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elon musk’s X officially allows X-rated content on platform

elon musk's X officially allows X-rated content on platform

Elon Musk’s X, previously known as Twitter, has revised its policies to officially permit adult and graphic content on the platform. Although adult content and nudity have long existed on Twitter, they were not explicitly banned even before Musk’s acquisition in late 2022. The newly updated guidelines, first highlighted by Tech Crunch on Monday, now explicitly allow users to share adult content, provided it is consensually produced and distributed.

The updated policy, which was implemented over the weekend, acknowledges sexual expression, whether visual or written, as a legitimate form of artistic expression. Users are now formally permitted to post adult content, as long as it is properly labeled and not prominently featured in profile pictures or account banners.

Accounts that frequently share adult content are required to mark their posts containing images and videos as sensitive content automatically. Additionally, adult content will be restricted from appearing to users identified as minors or adult users who opt out of viewing such content.

The policy also encompasses AI-generated content, animations, cartoons, hentai, and anime. X’s safety team tweeted that these new guidelines aim to provide greater clarity and transparency regarding the platform’s rules and their enforcement.

Since taking over Twitter in 2022 with a commitment to promoting free speech, Musk has faced criticism for reducing the platform’s content moderation teams. Under his leadership, the platform has also dealt with technical issues and reinstated accounts of right-wing conspiracy theorists and former US President Donald Trump. Musk’s broader vision for X includes diversifying its revenue streams beyond advertising and transforming it into a multifunctional “super app” akin to China’s WeChat, which offers services like messaging, voice and video calls, social media, mobile payments, and online booking.

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