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Telecom union Indefinite Strike Starting April 4

Telecom union Indefinite Strike Starting April 4
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The Private Telecommunications and Communications Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PTECSSAN) has issued a stern warning of an indefinite strike set to commence on April 4. The announcement came through a statement signed by the union’s General Secretary, Mr. Okonu Abdullahi, on Tuesday.

Abdullahi highlighted the union’s decision to resort to strike action due to unresolved issues between the union and sub-contractors associated with Huawei Technologies Nigeria Ltd. These sub-contractors, including Reime Group, All Streamenergy Solutions Ltd., Uppercrest Ltd., Tyllium Nigeria Ltd., and Specific Tools and Techniques Ltd., have been at the center of contention.

Telecom union Indefinite Strike Starting April 4
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Efforts to resolve the issues through dialogue with the Ministry of Labour and Employment proved futile as the companies in question failed to participate in conciliatory meetings. In response to this impasse, the union has mandated its members to embark on an indefinite strike starting from April 4.

Addressing the potential inconvenience the strike may cause, Abdullahi appealed to Nigerians for understanding and patience during this period of industrial action.

Among the key issues that need urgent resolution, Abdullahi emphasized the immediate recognition of employees’ fundamental rights to freely associate with the union. Additionally, the prompt remittance of membership dues into the union’s account and the regularization of employment for union members engaged in Huawei projects are crucial demands.

Furthermore, the union is pushing for its involvement in negotiating collective bargaining agreements for the benefit of its members, alongside other pertinent issues.

The looming strike threatens to disrupt telecommunications and communications services across Nigeria, potentially impacting millions of users and businesses reliant on these services. As such, stakeholders are urged to engage in dialogue and seek amicable solutions to avert the impending industrial action.

PTECSSAN’s decision to resort to strike action underscores the gravity of the issues at hand and the urgency for resolution. With the strike deadline fast approaching, there is mounting pressure on all parties involved to address the grievances and prevent further disruptions to vital services.

In light of the impending strike, Nigerians are advised to brace themselves for possible disruptions in telecommunications and communications services. The union remains resolute in its commitment to securing the rights and welfare of its members, and the outcome of the impending strike action will depend largely on the response and engagement of relevant stakeholders.

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