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EFCC Detains Cubana Chief Priest Over Alleged Naira Abuse

EFCC to Arraign Cubana Chief Priest for alleged Naira abuse
Cubans Chief Priest

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has detained Pascal Okechukwu, widely known as Cubana Chief Priest, in preparation for his arraignment before the Federal High Court in Lagos.

The socialite faces charges related to the alleged abuse of the nation’s currency, specifically for spraying and tampering with Naira notes during a social event, contravening the Central Bank Act of 2007.

Confirming the detention, EFCC spokesperson Dele Oyewale stated that Cubana Chief Priest would appear before Justice Kehinde Ogundare to face three counts of currency abuse. The charges stem from incidents occurring on various dates, including February 13, 2024, and January 2024, where Cubana Chief Priest allegedly tampered with Naira notes during social gatherings, as outlined in a suit filed by the EFCC’s prosecutor, Rotimi Oyedepo.

The EFCC’s legal team, led by Ola Olukoyede, alleges that Cubana Chief Priest engaged in the spraying of Naira notes, an act deemed unlawful under Section 21(1) of the Central Bank Act 2007. The charges detail instances where the accused sprayed N500 notes issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria, spanning hours during social events held in Lagos, including one at the Eko Hotel.

This development follows the recent conviction of another public figure, Idris Okuneye, famously known as Bobrisky, on similar charges related to Naira abuse. Bobrisky was sentenced to six months in prison for his involvement in currency tampering, highlighting the EFCC’s ongoing efforts to combat such infractions.

Furthermore, the EFCC disclosed its ongoing investigation into several celebrities implicated in Naira abuse cases. Dele Oyewale emphasized the commission’s commitment to upholding the law and holding individuals accountable for financial misconduct. He warned against violating laws governing currency abuse and assured the public of the EFCC’s resolve to prosecute offenders regardless of their status.

Responding to criticisms surrounding its enforcement actions, the EFCC clarified its stance on investigating and prosecuting cases of Naira abuse. While acknowledging the circulation of old videos depicting such misconduct, the commission emphasized its focus on addressing new instances of currency abuse. Oyewale underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in safeguarding the integrity of the national currency, affirming the EFCC’s dedication to combating financial crimes.

Expressing appreciation for public engagement in combating Naira abuse, Oyewale reiterated the commission’s commitment to enforcing relevant laws and prosecuting offenders. He emphasized the significance of collective action in preserving the sanctity of the Naira and underscored the EFCC’s unwavering determination to curb illicit financial activities.

As the EFCC continues its crackdown on currency infractions, including Naira abuse, the commission remains vigilant in its efforts to uphold the rule of law and protect the nation’s financial integrity. The detention and impending arraignment of Cubana Chief Priest signal the seriousness with which the EFCC approaches cases of financial misconduct, underscoring the consequences of flouting currency regulations.

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