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Comedian Brainjotter Raises Over N20 Million for Physically Challenged Fan

Comedian Brainjotter Raises Over N20 Million for Physically Challenged Fan

During a show on May 25, popular comedian and social media influencer Chukwuebuka Amuzie, known as Brainjotter, raised more than N20 million for a physically challenged fan, Queen Onwunachie. The event took place at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, where Brainjotter had an unexpected encounter with Onwunachie.

Brainjotter shared the story on his verified Instagram page, recounting how Onwunachie was the first to arrive at the venue, even before the sound setup was complete. “The show in Abuja was not just a show, it became a moment of destiny,” Brainjotter explained in a video.

Initially unaware of Onwunachie’s physical condition, Brainjotter described how he later noticed her wearing prosthetic limbs. They took photos together, and she moved to the regular seating area for the show.

Brainjotter had intended to make one audience member a millionaire that night, but plans changed dramatically. During the show, as his comedy colleagues, including Samuel Perry (known as Broda Shaggi), interacted with the crowd, Brainjotter remembered Onwunachie. The audience pointed out her location in the regular section, and she was brought to the front of the stage.

The original plan was to raise N1 million for Onwunachie. However, the fundraising effort exceeded expectations, amassing over N20 million, including a sponsor’s commitment to process her visa to Canada.

Expressing her gratitude, Onwunachie thanked Brainjotter and everyone who contributed. “I am so grateful. God will bless everyone that contributed for me, and God will bless Brainjotter abundantly,” she said.

Brainjotter concluded by encouraging his fans to persevere in pursuing their dreams. “You never know when your moment of blessing will come. Someone who came to the show paying N19,000 left with over N20 million. The reward for gratitude is always brighter. Thank you, Abuja,” he said.

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