[VIDEO] I can’t Steal, i am a child of God – man returns N20m crypto mistakenly sent To him

Man returns N20m crypto mistakenly sent to him

A heartwarming tale of generosity has taken the cryptocurrency community by storm, as a Nigerian man, Akinola Femi, refunded a staggering $14,644 to a crypto trader and educational creator, Raffay Alvi, after mistakenly receiving the funds.

According to Alvi, he had been running an online giveaway, where Femi had won a total of $100 worth of Solana. However, due to an error don transaction, the sum was mistakenly transferred to Akinola Femi’s account in the amount of $14,644. Alvi promptly reached out to Akinola Femi and asked him to keep $1470 and refund the excess amount of $13,174. Femi complied with the request swiftly.

Akinola Femi, a devout believer in his faith, refused to take the money for himself, stating that “I can’t take the money because it’s not mine. I am a child of God.” His selfless act has not gone unnoticed, with the crypto community rallying around him with generous donations.

In response to his kind gesture, influencers and crypto enthusiasts have sent over $5000 worth of cryptocurrencies as a token of appreciation. Alvi took to social media to express his gratitude and surprise at Akinola Femi’s actions, saying “There is still hope in the (crypto) community.”

The incident has sparked a wave of admiration for Akinola Femi’s integrity and faith, serving as a reminder that kindness and generosity can come from unexpected places. As news of the story spreads, it is likely to inspire others to follow in Akinola Femi’s footsteps and demonstrate that even in the digital world, there is still room for good deeds and good karma.

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