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“I’ve decided to quit music, cause Nigerians don’t deserve me” – Popular Nigerian Rapper, Vic O laments

"I quit music, because Nigerians don't deserve me" - Vic O
Popular Rapper, Vic O Credit: Pulse

After years in the music industry, Nigerian singer and rapper Vic O has made the decision to retire from music.

The announcement came via a video posted on his Instagram account, where he expressed his frustration with the lack of recognition and support from Nigerians.

In the video, Vic O spoke candidly about his decision, stating that it was a painful one to make. He highlighted his long tenure in the music industry and voiced his belief that he deserves more appreciation for his unique style of music. Citing a lack of support from fans and a feeling of being underappreciated, Vic O declared, “I’ve decided to quit music, cause Nigerians don’t deserve me.”

Throughout his career, Vic O has carved out a niche for himself with his distinct musical style. However, despite his efforts, he feels that he has not received the level of recognition and support that he deserves. This sentiment led him to the difficult decision to step away from the music industry.

In the video announcement, Vic O expressed his disappointment with the Nigerian music scene, stating, “Nigeria does not love me.” This sense of disillusionment with the industry appears to have played a major significant role in his decision to retire.

Vic O’s announcement has sparked a mix of reactions from fans and followers on social media. Some have expressed sadness at his decision to leave the music scene, while others have voiced their support for his choice.

The rapper’s departure from music marks the end of an era for many fans who have followed his career over the years. Vic O’s unique style and contributions to the Nigerian music landscape have left a lasting impression on the industry.

As Vic O embarks on this new chapter in his life, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the talented artist. Despite his decision to retire from music, his legacy in the Nigerian music scene is sure to endure.

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