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Hospital Carries Out Successful Brain Surgery in Kano

“This is the first brain surgery done in Kano, in the history of medical profession in the state.”

A hospital in Kano, Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital, Giginyu, has successfully carried out a brain surgery on Mr Ali Iliyasu, who suffered brain injury 26 years ago reports Daily Nigerian.

The head neuro-surgeon and  consultant, Shu’aibu Dambatta led his team to a successful feat.

Mr Dambatta said the team of the surgeons also includes Dr Atiku, Dr Musa, Dr Hassan and Dr Musbahu, whom are all from Kano state.

kano brain surgery

“This is the first brain surgery done in Kano, in the history of medical profession in the state.”

The patient, Mr Ali Iliyasu, narrated his sufferings before now and commended the hospital and surgeons for a wonderful job.

“I had been suffering from this problem for the past 26 years, when I had an accident. Since that time my brain was not the same again.

 “I and my family suffered a lot by going from one place to another, in search of effective medical attention and intervention. But all to no avail. The last place we went gave me an appointment of 11 Months after which a surgery would be conducted on me.

“We decided to contact this Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital, which we heard the Kano state government has so much boasts of. Within the shortest period of time I was invited. And after surgical procedures were carried out, then the surgery was conducted. Not only conducted, but it was successfully conducted. Alhamdulillah.”

Iliyasu said “Before now I found it very difficult to sleep. And even at that, it was not any comfortable. But look at me now, after the surgery I slept continuously for a straight more than seven or eight hours.”

kano brain surgery
Kano Governor Visits And Prays With Patient

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