BBC Documentaries: The Controversial Life of Sihle Sibisi, Alleged Victim of Late TB Joshua

On Monday, January 8, the BBC shook the world, especially Christians, with the release of a 3-part documentary on late Prophet TB Joshua, founder of Nigerian megachurch, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) but a critical look at the character of one of his accusers, Sihle Sibisi – a South African woman and self-acclaimed women’s rights activist – leaves doubts to her credibility.

The BBC videos revealed sordid details of allegations of sexual molestation, torture and manipulations of victims by the late preacher. These details were revealed by former staff of the preacher, some of whom claimed they were victims themselves of the preacher’s alleged atrocities. Among these former staff of SCOAN was Sihle Sibisi.

REPORT AFRIQUE takes a more critical look at those documentaries starting with the reputation of one of those interviewed on by the BBC, Sihle Sibisi.

BBC Documentaries: The Controversial Life of Sihle Sibisi, Alleged Victim of Late TB Joshua
Sihle Sibisi

Sihle Sibisi had alleged on the BBC interview that she was sexually exploited by the late preacher. In another video, Sibisi claimed that she had sexual encounters with other disciples at SCOAN. She claimed she slept with one of the camera men and also with Wise Man Daniel, one of TB Joshua’s close disciples then. In the video, Sibisi also claimed to have had abortions inside SCOAN.

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A detailed research on her lifestyle and reputation reveals questionable characteristics riddled with controversial escapades that may leave doubts on her credibility, some of which this analysis attempts to highlight.

TB Joshua’s Accuser, Sihle Sibisi’s Lives a Life Riddled With Sexual Controversies Involving Men of Power and Position

Sibisi, undoubtedly a controversial figure whose life is riddled with series of issues bothering on sexual relationships with men of power and positions, claimed on the BBC interview that she was raped by the late preacher. She also confessed to assisting him try to buy over the silence of families of victims of the collapsed SCOAN building in Lagos with dolls of cash.

A look at Sibisi’s personal life reveals one who lead a vey wayward lifestyle.

Sibisi’s Controversial Relationship With The King of Zulu

TB Joshua's Accuser, Sihle Sibisi's Lives a Life Riddled With Sexual Controversies Involving Men of Power and Position
Sibisi with the King of Zulu

In 2023, Sibisi told the South African media that her life was in danger following her claims of having an amorous relationship with King Misuzulu kazwelithini, the traditional ruler of the Zulu people in South Africa.

sibisi sihle tb joshua king of zulu
King of Zulu

Sibisi released confidential audio recordings of her confidential conversations with the king and said she had meet with the king and had sexual exchanges on many occasions.

They took me in to see the king. It was in a boardroom with glass. I walked in and took off my shoes, but I was limping because I was wearing a brace. I greeted him and he said: ‘What a beautiful babe, come here and hug me.’ He started squeezing my buttocks.

Sibis’s statement on King Zulu

Sibisi’s claims were refuted by the Zulu Royal House, which described her as an intruder who defrauded the public pretending to be a member of the Zulu Royal House.

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A South African Youtuber known as Uncle Solomon, quoting the Zulu Royal House’s statement, claimed that she was an intruder who was pretending to be a member of the royal family and allegedly extorted funds from members of the public wanting to meet King Misuzulu kazwelithini.

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Uncle Solomon expose on Sibisi

Sihle Sibisi alleges she was raped by Billionaire businessman Tim Tebeila

In 2022, Sihle Sibisi accused South African business tycoon Tim Tebeila of raping her multiple times during her time at the Synagogue Church in Cape Town.

“Mr. Tim Tebeila violated me sexually in my youth,’ she says. “Then he decided to run to the media and use the media as a weapon to try and silence me. It’s a sad state of affairs that men with power, men dressed in suits who are politically connected and financially powerful will resort to silencing victims through media.’ Sihle says her story has never been hidden.  “Those who know me, know that I have never been silent about the victimisation and abuse that I endured from my youth at the hands of pastors, the church, and the religious sector”

Sihle Sibisi talking, a news medium in South Africa in 2022.

Tebeila denied the accusations and claimed Sibisi had tried to extort money from him earlier before resorting to accuse him of rape.

Who is Tim Tebeila?

tim tebeila sibisi sihle
Tim Tebeila

Timothy “Tim” Tebeila is a South African billionaire and business magnet. He started off with his business with his firm, Sekoko Resources, mining coal, iron ore and platinum. He later started second firm, Tebcon Developers, which is now managed by his wife, building hospitals, schools and houses in townships across South Africa.

Tebeila is a mogul in so many businesses and stands as one of South Africa’s richest merchants till date.

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Tebeila Sues Sibisi Over False Claims, Extortion

Tim Tebeila did not stop at denying Sibisi’s claims against him. He opened a case of extortion against Sihle Sibisi after she allegedly threatened to open a case of rape against him unless he pays her in 2022.

Tebeila also obtained an interim protection order against Sibisi at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday.

Tebeila claimed he met Sibisi at SCOAN in Nigeria before she accused him of raping her and wanted him to pay her for her silence. But Sibisi would deny these claims and insist Tebeila raped her.

There seem to be a trend in Sibisi’s lifestyle that often results in her accusing men she had alleged to have had sexual relationships with. Everyman she had accused had denied these accusations.

The only one among her alleged abusers who could not defend himself is TB Joshua and that is because he is dead.

Sibisi featured in the BBC documentary, along with other alleged victims who alleged that Joshua forcefully engaged in sexual acts with them. The documentary was released in January, 2023. TB Joshua died in June 2021.

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  1. you mean people who ‘live that lifestyle’ can’t be raped by TB? How are you even trying to water down a fellow woman’s rape story? Pathetic bloggers.

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