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Meta Launches Llama AI Innovation Awards with $36,000 Prize for African Innovators

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has announced a new award program aimed at recognizing innovative uses of its Llama AI technology.

The Meta Llama Impact Innovation Awards will grant up to $36,000 (N54 million) to organizations in Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey that demonstrate exceptional applications of Llama AI in various sectors.

In a statement sent to, Meta detailed that the awards are designed to encourage and support organizations leveraging Llama AI to address challenges in education, public service, healthcare, safety, and security. The initiative underscores Meta’s commitment to using artificial intelligence for social good and innovation in these regions.

“The Meta Llama Impact Innovation Awards supports organisations across Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey that are leveraging Llama 2 or Llama 3 to drive social impact. With awards of up to USD 36,000, this program will identify and empower organisations that use Llama as a core element of their work to address challenges in the region,” Meta stated.

The competition is open to all countries in the specified regions, and applicants are encouraged to demonstrate how their projects using Llama 2 or Llama 3 address specific local issues. Applications are currently open and will close on July 26, 2024. Interested organizations can submit their entries through the Meta website.

Meta has also integrated Llama AI into its platforms, enabling users to search for information directly within Facebook and WhatsApp without leaving the apps.

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