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Meta confirms Monetization Will Include Nigerian Creators on Facebook in June

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Meta has confirmed its monetization features will be extended to Nigerian creators on Facebook in June.

The social media giant initially said it would start its monetization policy for Nigeria in June, 2024, with creators on Instagram only. However, a recent information shared by Meta with shows the company would extend its monetization features to include Nigerian creators on Facebook.

In an email exchange, Meta confirmed that Nigerian creators on Facebook will start earning on its platform in June. This was said in an email exchange With

Responding to a query by on the subject, Meta replied thus:

“Yes, starting June 2024, creators in Nigeria will be eligible to monetize their content. We’re working to bring our creator monetization products to Nigeria, to begin rolling out in June. This means creators, who meet the monetization eligibility criteria, will have the ability to run ads in-stream and use other tools such as Instagram stars and gifts that are available to creators elsewhere in the world.”

When asked specifically if the planned rollout of monetisation features will be limited to Instagram aloe in Nigeria, Meta responded:

“Monetisation won’t be limited to just Instagram. Nigerian creators eligible to use our monetisation products will be able to also monetise on Facebook as well. We’re working diligently to make these monetisation features available for Nigerian creators in June and our team is dedicated to a swift rollout.”

Meta monetization allows creators earn from their content on the Meta platforms. Despite its growing social media presence, Nigeria had remained ineligible to earn on Facebook until an announcement in March of Meta’s planned inclusion of the West African country in its monetization program.

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