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Chinese manager allegedly murders Nigerian female crane operator

Chinese manager allegedly kills Nigerian crane operator

Tensions are rising at Inner Galaxy Steel Company in Umuahala-Obuzor Asa, Ukwa West, Abia State, following the death of a female crane operator, Ocheze Ogbonna, who hailed from the local community. 

Reports from vanguard indicate that Ogbonna died after being pushed from a crane by a Chinese manager at the company, causing her to hit her head on a hard object. Sources within the factory suggested that the manager had been hostile towards Ogbonna due to her rejection of his romantic advances.

The incident sparked immediate unrest, with local youths blockading the company’s gates and demanding justice for Ogbonna. The protests escalated, leading to clashes with soldiers stationed at the steel plant, who allegedly used force to disperse the demonstrators, resulting in injuries to some of the youths.

A protester told Vanguard, “The Chinese manager pushed Ocheze out of the crane. She fell, hit her head, and died. We demand justice for her death and an investigation into the Chinese staff’s treatment of Nigerians at the company. The soldiers are attacking us for seeking justice.”

Efforts to reach the Abia State Police Public Relations Officer for his insight on the matter were unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Hon. Chris Nkwonta, the federal representative for Ukwa West and Ukwa East, condemned the incident in a statement. He described the killing as a blatant disregard for human life and an act of animosity by the Chinese expatriate towards the local community.

Nkwonta stated, “Miss Ocheze Ogbonna’s death, caused by a Chinese expatriate, demonstrates a severe abuse of the rules of engagement and a lack of respect for human life. This barbaric act against our community must be addressed immediately to prevent further unrest.”

He called on top officials, including the Inspector General of Police, the Chief of Army Staff, and the Abia State Commissioner of Police, to ensure the manager responsible is held accountable and subjected to legal proceedings.

Nkwonta’s call for justice underscores the broader issues of how expatriate workers interact with local communities and the urgent need for regulatory oversight to protect Nigerian workers.

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