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Cubana Chief Priest Denies Charges, Granted ₦10 million Bail

EFCC to Arraign Cubana Chief Priest for alleged Naira abuse
Cubans Chief Priest

Pascal Okechukwu, widely known as Cubana Chief Priest, has pleaded not guilty to allegations of abusing the naira, as per reports from the Federal High Court in Lagos.

Report Afrique earlier reported that the Instagram sensation faced a three-count charge filed against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), alleging misconduct under the Central Bank Act of 2007. Cubana Chief Priest, appearing before Justice Kehinde Ogundare, firmly denied the accusations on Wednesday, prompting a legal process that has captivated public attention.

Following his plea, the court granted Cubana Chief Priest bail in the sum of ₦10 million, with stringent conditions attached. Two responsible sureties, employed at federal or state government levels and not below grade level 16, were mandated to stand as guarantors. Furthermore, the sureties were required to possess landed property, verified by the court, as additional security measures.

In addition to the bail conditions, Cubana Chief Priest is obligated to surrender his travel passport to the court’s custody, restricting his mobility pending further legal proceedings. The stringent measures underscore the gravity of the allegations leveled against him and reflect the court’s commitment to ensuring due process.

The legal saga began with the EFCC’s accusation that Cubana Chief Priest abused the naira during social events, an act deemed contrary to the provisions of the Central Bank Act. The charges specifically highlight instances where he allegedly sprayed funds in the denomination of N500, an act perceived as undermining the integrity of the nation’s currency.

Notably, the accused also notified the court of his intention to challenge its jurisdiction to hear the charges, signaling a potential legal battle on procedural grounds. This development adds another layer of complexity to the case, suggesting a protracted legal confrontation in the days ahead.

The controversy surrounding Cubana Chief Priest’s legal troubles has reignited debates on social media platforms, with diverse opinions surfacing regarding the interpretation of the law and the appropriate response to alleged financial misconduct. While some view the charges as a necessary step in upholding fiscal integrity, others question the severity of the allegations and highlight potential inconsistencies in enforcement.

This legal episode comes in the wake of similar proceedings against other public figures, including the controversial cross-dresser Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, who recently faced analogous charges and received a six-month jail sentence. The parallel cases underscore the EFCC’s commitment to enforcing financial regulations and holding individuals accountable for perceived breaches of the law.

As the legal process unfolds, all eyes remain on Cubana Chief Priest and the unfolding dynamics of his case. With his bail granted and the stage set for a legal showdown, the coming days promise further revelations and insights into the intricacies of Nigeria’s legal system and its approach to combating financial misconduct. The outcome of this high-profile trial is poised to resonate far beyond the confines of the courtroom, shaping public perceptions and discourse on matters of financial accountability and legal justice.

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