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Nigeria Police Force Launches Enhanced Cybercrime Reporting Platform

Nigeria Police Force Launches Enhanced Cybercrime Reporting Platform

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has introduced a new and improved platform for reporting cybercrimes, aimed at bolstering its efforts to combat digital threats. This initiative, managed by the NPF National Cybercrime Centre (NPF-NCCC), features a new website replacing the previous one.

Force spokesperson ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi announced the launch in a statement on Thursday. He emphasized the NPF’s commitment to enhancing cybersecurity and protecting the digital landscape. The new portal, accessible at [], offers advanced security features to safeguard user information and facilitate easy reporting.

The upgraded site includes better tracking and response mechanisms, ensuring timely and effective action on reported cases. The public is encouraged to use this platform to support the fight against cybercrime in Nigeria.

Adejobi highlighted that the Inspector General of Police urges all citizens to utilize the new platform for reporting cybercrime activities. He stressed that vigilance and prompt reporting are crucial to the police’s efforts in addressing cybercrime effectively.

The implementation of the Cybercrime Act 2015 has elicited varied responses from different sectors. The Act aims to establish a unified framework for the prohibition, prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of cybercrimes in Nigeria.

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