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EFCC Exposes How “yahoo yahoo” Boys Get bank Accounts and Driver’s Licences For Fraud

EFCC Exposes How "Yahoo Boys" Get bank Accounts For Fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has exposed a disturbing trend where underage boys involved in internet fraud, commonly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo,’ falsify their age to open bank accounts and obtain driver’s licenses for handling proceeds from their illicit activities.

The revelation came from Effa Okim, the Zonal Director of the EFCC overseeing Edo, Delta, and Ondo states, during a visit to the Edo State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) led by Festus Alenkhe in Benin City.

Okim highlighted that despite Edo State’s relatively small size, it ranks second to Lagos in terms of convictions related to cybercrime. He expressed concern over the prevalence of such criminal activities, emphasizing that the situation tarnishes Edo’s reputation and historical significance in Nigeria.

The EFCC director pointed out instances where underage individuals, upon conviction, would falsely claim their age, and even their parents would collude in forging documents to facilitate their criminal endeavors. He raised questions about the involvement of parents in cases where underage children obtained driver’s licenses and opened bank accounts, actions prohibited by Nigerian law.

Okim underscored the need for collaboration between the EFCC and the media to combat crime effectively and reduce its visibility on the streets. In response, Festus Alenkhe, the NUJ representative, encouraged the new zonal director to maintain transparency and accessibility to provide journalists with necessary information.

The EFCC remains committed to its mandate of combating financial crimes and ensuring accountability, while urging stakeholders to join efforts in addressing the proliferation of fraudulent activities among underage individuals.

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