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FRSC Organizes Free Medical Outreach for Commercial Vehicle Drivers in Rivers State

FRSC Organizes Free Medical Outreach for Commercial Drivers in Rivers

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has organized a comprehensive program comprising a free medical outreach and sensitization on safe driving for commercial vehicle drivers in Rivers State in a bid to promote road safety and ensure the well-being of drivers and passengers alike.

The initiative, spearheaded by FRSC Sector Commander Christopher Kuje, took place at the Waterlines Park in Port Harcourt, providing an ideal platform to engage both drivers and passengers on important road safety measures.

Addressing journalists after the exercise, Commander Kuje emphasized the pivotal role of passengers as FRSC ambassadors, urging them to assist the agency in monitoring drivers’ behavior and adherence to safety regulations while traveling on the highway.

Highlighting the rationale behind incorporating a free medical program into the initiative, Kuje underscored the importance of ensuring drivers’ physical fitness for safe travel. The medical outreach offered drivers the opportunity to check their blood pressure and sugar levels, enabling them to assess their health status before embarking on journeys.

“In Rivers State, we believe in changing and transforming the driving habits of drivers on the highway, and one of the ways is through sensitization and creation of awareness,” stated Kuje.

The decision to conduct the program at parks was strategic, aiming to engage drivers and passengers at the loading points directly. This proactive approach aimed to ensure that all road users are adequately informed and equipped to contribute to road safety.

“We decided to take the bold initiative of going to the parks; that is ‘operation meet them at the loading point.’ So that we can talk to the driver, talk to the passengers, so that at the end of the day, wherever they are going, they will end well,” Kuje explained.

Moreover, the inclusion of a medical team in the outreach ensured a comprehensive approach to road safety. By conducting tests on blood pressure and sugar levels, the FRSC aimed to identify potential health risks among drivers and provide timely interventions.

The impact of the medical outreach was evident, with one driver identified as having a blood pressure reading exceeding 200, necessitating immediate medical attention. Kuje emphasized that such interventions could prevent potential accidents on the road, highlighting the significance of proactive measures in safeguarding lives.

In addition to engaging drivers, the FRSC team also interacted with passengers, emphasizing their role as stakeholders in promoting road safety. Passengers were encouraged to actively participate in ensuring their safety by observing the condition of the vehicle and the fitness of the driver before embarking on journeys.

“They have the role of letting the driver behave well when on the highway, starting even from the park, whether the tires are good, know at least from the outside whether the driver looks fit to drive them. All these things are geared towards making sure that we have zero crashes this period,” Kuje emphasized.

The initiative reflects FRSC’s commitment to proactive measures in promoting road safety and underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between stakeholders in achieving zero crashes on the roads. By empowering drivers and passengers with knowledge and resources, FRSC aims to create a safer road environment for all.

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