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Seven Dead from Generator Fumes in Yenagoa Music Studio

7 Dead from Generator Fumes in Yenagoa Music Studio

Tragedy struck in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, as seven individuals reportedly died after inhaling fumes from a generator inside a music studio on Transformer Road. The incident occurred on Monday night.

The victims, including the studio owner Akpos Barakubo, were said to be working late due to the unreliable power supply. They fell asleep with the generator running and succumbed to the toxic fumes. Six bodies were discovered on Tuesday morning, while one person, initially found unconscious and rushed to the hospital, later passed away.

Most of the deceased were university students from Delta State, using music recording to finance their education. Security forces have since cordoned off the site, and the bodies have been moved to a morgue.

Local resident Mr. Damion Asamonye criticized both the state and federal governments, as well as the power distribution company, blaming them for the lack of adequate power supply that led to the reliance on generators. He remarked, “If there was a stable power supply, this tragedy might have been avoided. These young men lost their lives because of governmental failures.”

He further condemned the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) for charging for electricity that is rarely provided, forcing residents to rely on costly and dangerous generators.

Another resident, Mrs. Joy Reuben, expressed shock and sorrow over the incident, urging the government to ensure consistent power supply to prevent future occurrences.

Bayelsa State Police spokesman ASP Musa Muhammed, when contacted, stated he would investigate the matter but has yet to provide further information or respond to subsequent calls.

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