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Oyo State Government Allocates Over N332 Million for Lagos Governor’s Lodge Renovation

Oyo State allocates N332m for Lagos Gov Lodge Renovation
Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde

In a move aimed at enhancing infrastructure and service delivery, the Oyo State Government has earmarked a staggering sum of over N332 million for the renovation of the governor’s lodge situated in Lagos State. This significant allocation was disclosed in a recent statement issued by the state government, following the approval of various projects during the State Executive Council meeting held on Wednesday.

Among the approved projects is the renovation of the governor’s lodge, guest chalets, boys’ quarters, and liaison office at Ikeja, Lagos. This vital renovation project has been awarded to Feyton Lanreolu Associates Limited at a sum of N332,134,999.05 and is expected to be completed within a duration of three months.

Furthermore, the State Executive Council also sanctioned the regularisation of the employment of 129 workers at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, ensuring they receive all the benefits entitled to civil servants. This move underscores the government’s commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of its workforce.

In addition to these initiatives, the council approved the award of the clearing of the North-East segment of the 110 km Rashidi Ladoja Circular Road, a vital infrastructure project aimed at improving connectivity and transportation within the state. The project, which commences from Badeku area along Ibadan/Ife expressway to Molarere on Moniya-Iseyin Road (covering 36.7 km), has been awarded to M/S Picoraod Company Ltd at a sum of N3.5 billion and is slated for completion within six months.

Moreover, the council endorsed the asphaltic improvement of the dualised Mapo-Oritamerin Road, an essential road network aimed at enhancing intra-city transportation and easing traffic congestion. This project, covering a distance of 0.5 km, is an additional endeavor to the ongoing asphaltic improvement of the dualised Bus top Gate-Molete Bridge. Ratcon Construction Company Limited has been awarded this project at a sum of N373,809,539.41, further demonstrating the state government’s commitment to infrastructural development.

The state government also allocated a substantial sum of N691,307,039.86 to be invested in the Wema Bank rights issuance program, as part of its strategic plans to secure the future financial stability of Oyo State. Additionally, the approval of a N10 billion facility to provide counterpart funding for World Bank Assisted programs, including BESDA, Oyo-CARES (NG-CARES), and NEWMAP, underscores the government’s dedication to sustainable development and poverty alleviation initiatives.

Speaking on the significance of these projects, Governor Seyi Makinde reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to the overall development of Oyo State. He emphasized the importance of investing in critical infrastructure and human capital development to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life for all residents.

The allocation of funds for the renovation of the governor’s lodge in Lagos State underscores the state government’s recognition of the strategic importance of maintaining a functional and conducive environment for official engagements and diplomatic activities. This renovation project reflects the government’s proactive approach to preserving and enhancing key government assets for optimal performance and efficiency.

As the state continues to forge ahead in its quest for sustainable development and inclusive growth, the prudent allocation of resources towards critical projects reaffirms the government’s dedication to fulfilling its mandate of serving the people and building a prosperous future for Oyo State.

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