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Hisbah Police Arrests 20 Men and Women For Bathing Together In Kano

Hisbah Police Arrests 20 Men and Women For Bathing Together

The Kano State Hisbah Board has apprehended 20 individuals for participating in gender-inclusive bathing, according to a report by Daily Trust. The arrests were made by the Operation Kau Da Badala team at a leisure center located on Ring Road, following complaints from local residents.

Deputy Commandant General of the Hisbah Board, Dr. Mujahidin Aminuddin Abubakar, stated that the act violated Hisbah laws, which prohibit the mingling of men and women in bathing activities. He expressed concern over the behavior, suggesting that the individuals could have engaged in more rewarding activities.

In March, the Hisbah Board also arrested 11 Muslims for violating the Ramadan fast by eating during daylight hours. These arrests were part of the annual Ramadan enforcement operations, which included searches of eateries and markets.

Lawal Ibrahim, the board’s Public Relations Officer, confirmed the arrests in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service monitored by PUNCH Online. He detailed that the arrests took place across the city, particularly near markets, and involved 10 men and one woman, who was caught eating at her groundnut stall.

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