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Federal Government Launches Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme to Empower Nano Businesses Nationwide

Federal Government Launches Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme to Empower Nano Businesses Nationwide

The Federal Government of Nigeria has unveiled the Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme (PCGS) as part of its Presidential Palliative Programme. Commencing on March 9, 2024, this initiative aims to provide financial grants, free from repayment obligations, to eligible small business owners operating across various sectors, including trading, food services, ICT, transportation, creatives, and artisans.

The PCGS is strategically designed to target marginalized groups within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a particular focus on empowering women, youth, people with disabilities, senior citizens, and other underrepresented demographics. By allocating 70% of the grants to women and youth, 10% to people with disabilities, 5% to senior citizens, and the remaining 15% to other demographics, the program seeks to address systemic inequalities and foster inclusive economic growth.

Presidential Grant Scheme: What Beneficiaries Will Get

Each beneficiary of the scheme will receive a financial grant of N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira), directly deposited into their bank accounts. With a lofty ambition to reach one million small businesses across Nigeria’s 774 local government areas (LGAs) and the six council areas in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the PCGS has the potential to significantly impact communities nationwide.

The selection process for beneficiaries has been meticulously executed, incorporating stringent verification measures such as the validation of National Identification Numbers (NIN) and Bank Verification Numbers (BVN). Successful applicants were required to demonstrate ownership of a small business with promising economic prospects, a commitment to growth, and a willingness to hire additional staff when necessary. Moreover, applicants were mandated to provide evidence of their residential or business address, along with pertinent personal and bank account details, before the December 18, 2023 deadline.

The implementation of the Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme underscores the government’s unwavering dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and fostering inclusive economic development. By prioritizing inclusivity and empowerment, the PCGS endeavors to make a tangible difference in the lives of small business owners and their respective communities across Nigeria.

Who Powers the Grant

Managed by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, with the Bank of Industry serving as the Executing Agency, the PCGS represents a collaborative effort between government agencies and financial institutions to drive sustainable economic transformation from the grassroots up. Through targeted interventions and strategic partnerships, the initiative aims to create an enabling environment for nano businesses to thrive, thereby laying the foundation for long-term prosperity and socioeconomic advancement.

In light of the ongoing challenges posed by economic uncertainties and global disruptions, initiatives like the Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme offer a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs and underserved communities. As the program unfolds and reaches its intended beneficiaries, it is poised to catalyze a wave of innovation, resilience, and prosperity that transcends geographical boundaries and fosters shared prosperity for all Nigerians.

Apply for the grant

Apply for the Presidential Grant Scheme here.

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