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House of Reps Ask Army To Immediately Reopen Abuja’s Banex Plaza

Reps Ask Army To Immediately Reopen Abuja’s Banex Plaza

On Thursday, the House of Representatives called on the Federal Government and the Nigerian Army to reopen Banex Plaza in Abuja, allowing businesses to resume operations. This decision followed the adoption of an urgent motion presented by Hon. Whingan Oluwaseun.

Oluwaseun highlighted the recent unrest at Banex Plaza, Wuse, Abuja, on May 18, 2024, where hoodlums assaulted Nigerian Army personnel. He praised the quick response of soldiers and police officers who intervened to rescue the attacked personnel. Oluwaseun noted that the targeted soldiers were unarmed and posed no threat, making the attack unjustifiable. He also stressed that the temporary closure of Banex Plaza, a crucial commercial center, adversely impacts businesses and the economy.

“Mr. Speaker, esteemed colleagues, the recent events at Okuama in Delta State and Banex Plaza in Abuja underscore the need for a comprehensive reassessment of our security strategy,” Oluwaseun stated. He advocated for the use of modern technology, including surveillance and closed-circuit television, to identify and apprehend those responsible for the attack on Army personnel. He emphasized that the military should focus on national defense while civil matters should be handled by the police.

Oluwaseun continued, “I urge this House to support this motion for the immediate reopening of Banex Plaza, which has been previously shut down, and to adopt advanced, non-disruptive security methods to prevent future incidents.”

In response, the House directed the Committees on National Security and Intelligence, Defence, and Police Affairs to investigate the closure of Banex Plaza and the military’s role in the incident. These committees are also tasked with recommending more efficient and less disruptive approaches for handling similar situations in the future.

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