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University Suspends Student For Proposing To Female On Campus

Student gets suspended for Proposing To female On Campus

Abdullahi Juli Mansur, a second-year Computer Science student at Al-Istiqama University, Sumaila, Kano, has been suspended for displaying what the university deemed as immoral behavior on campus. The suspension, announced on Tuesday, was prompted by Mansur’s public display of affection towards a female student, an action considered inappropriate by the university authorities.

The incident came to light after a short video clip showing Mansur offering a red bouquet to a female student went viral on social media. Although the female student did not accept the bouquet, the scene drew significant attention from other students, who responded with cheers. 

In response to the video’s widespread circulation, the university management issued a suspension notice for Mansur, citing his behavior as contrary to the institution’s moral standards. An internal memo, reference number AUS/REG/54 and dated May 14, 2024, confirmed the suspension of Mansur until further notice. The memo, signed by Deputy Registrar Sani A. Usman, also indicated that a disciplinary committee had been formed to investigate the matter further.

“This is to inform you that Abdullahi Juli Mansur, a student of the Department of Computer Science with registration number AUS/SCC/COM/22/1018, has been suspended for displaying improper behavior (proposing) on campus,” the notice read.

A source close to the university administration revealed that the suspension was in line with maintaining the institution’s guiding principles. The source noted that Mansur had been previously cautioned about similar behavior but failed to heed the warnings.

“This is not the first time the student has exhibited such behavior. He has been involved in two previous incidents, and despite being specifically warned by the university, he continued to act inappropriately,” the source explained. “As a faith-based institution, Al-Istiqama University adheres to Islamic principles and Hausa cultural norms, which do not condone such conduct. Therefore, the suspension was necessary.”

The university’s decision underscores its commitment to upholding its ethical standards and ensuring that all students adhere to the values and principles it stands for.

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