Why Every President is Interested in Who Becomes Rivers Governor – Princewill

Why Every President is Interested in Who Becomes Rivers Governor - Princewill

In a recent interview, former governorship candidate and political stalwart, Tonye Princewill, spoke on the political crisis in Rivers State and why every President is interested in who becomes the state’s governor. According to Princewill, the president’s interest in Rivers State is due to the state’s economic significance and the influence it wields over national politics.

Princewill, who was a candidate for the governorship seat in 2007 and 2015, noted that Nigeria’s problems are bigger than who is the President, but he believes that people power can overcome obstacles. He stated that the current administration has not done enough to address the country’s economic woes and that fundamental changes are needed to drive positive change.

On the controversy surrounding the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Princewill explained that he left the party due to its decision to choose a Muslim-Muslim ticket. He expressed disappointment with the party’s handling of the crisis in Rivers State and said that President Bola Tinubu’s intervention did not resolve the issue.

When asked about his appraisal of the Tinubu administration, Princewill said that he didn’t expect much from the government due to Nigeria’s systemic problems. He believes that the president has not done enough to address the economic crisis and that people power is needed to drive change.

Princewill also spoke on the removal of fuel subsidy and devaluation of the Naira, saying that both measures have not worked. He believes that until fundamental changes are made, any attempts to address the economic crisis will be futile.

On his advice to President Tinubu, Princewill urged him to get the people on his side first and then confront the system. He also praised Tinubu’s abilities as a politician but expressed doubts about his ability to make significant changes.

Regarding the ethnicization of the face-off between Rivers Governor, Sim Fubara, and Nyesom Wike, Princewill dismissed it as a non-issue, saying that support across ethnic lines has been consistent in Rivers State.

When asked if political leaders and elders in Rivers State have done enough to wade into the crisis, Princewill said that while some efforts have been made, more needs to be done to address the crisis. He also attributed some of the crisis to presidential ambition, saying that many politicians want to use Rivers State for their own gain.

In conclusion, Princewill expressed his desire to be involved in 2027 politics but did not specify what capacity he would operate in. He expressed hope that people would join him in calling for positive change in Rivers State.

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