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Air Peace CEO Alleges Internal and External Conspiracies Against Nigerian Airlines

Air Peace CEO Alleges Internal and External Conspiracies Against Nigerian Airlines

In an interview with Arise Television’s Morning Show programme on Monday, Allen Onyema, CEO of Air Peace Airlines, revealed the challenges his airline faced due to what he described as both internal and external conspiracies.

Onyema highlighted the denial of a Technical Country Operators (TCO) permit by “his own country,” which hindered Air Peace’s plans to expand into European countries, including the UK. He expressed frustration over the lengthy process it took for Air Peace to obtain the designation to operate in London, citing bureaucratic hurdles and a lack of support from Nigerian authorities.

Despite procuring three Boeing 777s specifically for the London route, Air Peace was unable to commence operations due to regulatory barriers. Onyema criticized the international aero politics landscape, labelling it as “very dirty” and emphasizing the need for Nigerian airlines to receive adequate support from the Federal Government.

The CEO recounted the challenges faced in obtaining necessary permits, pointing out discrepancies between different government agencies and urging for more unified support for the country’s aviation sector.

Air Peace recently started offering direct flights to London, which was well-received by many Nigerians. However, some people in the country raised concerns about the attire worn by the airline staff during the launch. Instead of national attire, the staff wore the famous Ishi Agu clothing, which is traditionally associated with the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

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