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Ask The Almighty: Conscious ‘n Creative Arts Challenge Debuts on Instagram

The Conscious ‘n Creative Arts Challenge (CCAC) brand has instituted an Instagram artistic competition challenge that will bring vast online viewer audience in contact with performing and media artistes from Saturday 8th August through Saturday 12th September, 2020, with the advent of #AskTheAlmighty.

The Challenge holds on the Instagram handle of Tayo Isijola (@tayoisijola), the initiator . A six-stanza poem titled “Ask the Almighty,” as inscribed on scroll, has been provided as script for artistic creation in the prescribed categories of Music, Solo Acting, Animation and Audiovisual.

From the volume of Challenge entries, 10 winners will emerge after a sequel of assessments by a selection committee, the viewer audience and a five-man panel of judges that comprise of the crème de la crème of the Nigerian creative industries- Sam Dede, Hilda Dokubo, Charles Inojie, Bimbo Akintola and Julius Agwu.

‘Tayo Isijola, the CCAC organizer and author of “Ask the Almighty”, said that “the Challenge calls for participation across both levels: the entrants and the viewer audience. As entrants create and submit artistic presentations in video, for maximum duration of THREE minutes, the viewer-audience will play the vital role of assessing the entries, by making useful appraisal through likes and comments on Instagram, and by voting for the winners”.

TEN winners will emerge from the challenge to receive the scheduled cash and consolation prizes- N100000, N50000, and N25,000 for 1st , 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively, while a data value of 10Gig shall be awarded to each runner-up from 4th position through 10th position. Giving the following considerations, the Challenge is distinguished from the regular in many ramifications.

  • Selection committee will employ useful appraisals of the viewer audience to select TWENTY apt entries from the volume of submission.
  • The selected TWENTY are presented to the viewer audience who will again vote to determine the TOP 10 entrants who shall be winners of the scheduled prizes.
  • A five-man panel of Judges will adjudicate the TOP 10 entries to decide scores and positions of winners.    

Therefore, submission of Entries, which is open to entrants from Saturday 8th August is equally open to viewer audience for assessments, and further submission will be disallowed after Saturday, 22nd August, 2020.

This is a call to entrants and viewer audience fun seekers to anticipate and participate in robust online artistic engagements. For further information about the challenges, please contact ‘Tayo ISIJOLA: [email protected] or visit

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