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Customs Service To Install Gantry Scanners With 200 Containers Per Hour Capacity

Customs service to install gantry scanners with 200 capacity
Customs service logo

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is set to install Gantry Scanners with the capacity to scan 200 containers per hour, in collaboration with Trade Modernisation Project Limited.

This is part of the massive deployment of state-of-the-art equipment across the nation’s ports under the Custom’s Trade Facilitation Programme.

The scanners will cut the time containers spend at ports and reduce the time NCS officers spend on document treatment by half. The Unified Customs Management software, which leverages geospatial technology, will also be deployed.

The 20-year concession is divided into three phases, with different measurable milestones to enable the NCS to effectively take over the system without hitches at the end of the 20-year period.

The system will bring ports closer to all stakeholders, allowing goods clearance processes to be monitored by all importers from anywhere in the world. Each document can be tracked, and officers will be more efficient, leading to decongested ports and faster clearance of goods.

The deployment of the Trade Modernisation system is expected to gain Nigerian ports a place of pride in international trade, with appreciable speed in clearance of goods.

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