EndSARS protester, Peter Eromosele arraigned, Granted Bail

lekki shooting CNN Report EndSARS protester, Peter Eromosele arraigned, Granted Bail
It has been a tough time for #EndSARS protester, Peter Eromosele Adene who was arraigned before a Chief Magistrate, Tuesday, in Yaba, Lagos.

The embattled youth whose sister described as a musician, philanthropist and civil rights activist was arrested and whisked to the nation’s capital in Abuja by security operatives on November 7th, 2020.

He was later granted bail in the sum of one million naira and two sureties who must be family members

Peter Eromosele was charged with allegations for aiding the #EndSARS protest in Lagos, which was later hijacked by hoodlums in some parts of the country leading to a wanton destruction of properties.

Onomene Adene, his sister had earlier explained to the media that she was used as bait by a group of security operatives to get her brother that Saturday he was arrested.

She explained that she got a call on that Saturday morning from a man who claimed to be a former church member who had a parcel to deliver to her father who is the pastor of the church. In her statement, she claimed that it turned out to be false. The security operatives had arranged the call in order to arrest her brother, Peter Eromosele.

Eromosele had been in detention for 10 days and the case was heard today in Lagos.

peter eromosele adene #EndSARS: Street Protests By Nigerians Demanding An End to Brutal Police Unit Gain Global Attention

There was heavy Police presence at the Yaba Magistrate Court where Eromosele Adene’s case was to be heard.

“They deceived me to get to my brother” – Onomene Adene (Eromosele’s sister)

Eromosele’s sister narrated further that she was deceived by the man who called her saying he wanted to deliver a parcel.

“He said he was looking for Peter; they bought commodities from him, they transferred money to his Zenith Bank account, and he didn’t deliver the commodities. I told him my brother does not sell anything; this story, I’m not buying it.

Eromosele’s sister stated that despite giving the details of what her brother does, the men insisted that she must take them to her house, but she hesitated.

In the process, she said a group of policemen in three Toyota Hilux vehicles arrived at the scene – led by one Hamzat who is a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP).

“They deceived me to get to my brother,” She said.

EndSARS protester, Peter Eromosele arraigned, Granted Bail #EndSars: Nigerian Soldiers Open Fire, Kill Unarmed Protesters in Lagos

She explain further that when they got to the house, they were still telling the story of how they bought commodities from her brother and he didn’t deliver.

She said that even when the lawyer came in, the lawyer asked them, if they were there to effect an arrest, they said no but still took her brother away.

She faulted the reports tagging her brother as one of the conveners of the #EndSARS protest, stressing that he was just like every other normal demonstrator.

According to Onomene, Eromosele is a normal Nigerian youth with no particular or special role played in the #EndSARS protest.

Pastor Florence Adene, Eromosele’s mother when questioned by journalists said she was proud of her son and that he is just a young man fighting for his generation.

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