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angry father beats up teacher for beating his child in abuja

angry father beats up teacher for beating his child in abuja

A violent incident took place at Aces Nursery Primary and Secondary School in Abuja on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, when a father, Muhammed Jimeta, allegedly assaulted teacher Sekinat Adedeji for reportedly beating his daughter, Karima Jimeta.

Adedeji, recounting the incident, stated she was holding her three-month-old baby when Jimeta attacked her. She explained that she teaches Karima in basic three and had disciplined the student earlier in the day for causing a disturbance in class. According to Adedeji, Karima had insulted her, which led to the disciplinary action involving a small ruler on her leg.

Adedeji described the assault, noting that Jimeta slapped her multiple times around 4 pm, shortly after school had closed. She said the altercation began after Karima reported the earlier incident to her father. Adedeji also expressed frustration over the child’s frequent disrespect towards teachers and her lack of seriousness in studies.

Magdalene Ukuedojor, a parent who witnessed the incident, confirmed that Karima often insulted others and criticized Jimeta’s actions, especially since Adedeji was carrying her infant. Ukuedojor mentioned that despite teachers’ efforts to intervene, Jimeta continued the assault, forcing Adedeji to flee the classroom visibly distressed.

Jimeta defended his actions, alleging that Adedeji had a history of mistreating his daughter and that previous complaints to the school management had not resolved the issue. He described seeing marks and blood on his daughter’s legs, which led to his extreme reaction.

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