Former Konga CEO, Nick Imudia, Takes Own Life

Former Konga CEO, Nick Imudia, commits suicide

Nick Imudia, former CEO of e-commerce giant Konga, has died by suicide. Imudia, who was 43, jumped from the balcony of his Lekki apartment on Tuesday night, June 25.

According to sources close to the family, Imudia had spoken to his US-based brother earlier that night, giving instructions on how to distribute his wealth. He also called his young daughter, telling her he would always be there for her and that she could find him in the sky.

Imudia’s friends, family, and associates are in shock, struggling to understand why he would take his own life. His death has left many unanswered questions.

Before his passing, Imudia was the CEO of D.light, a leading innovator in solar energy solutions. He had previously held positions at TCL/Alcatel and Microsoft Device and Services.

Imudia’s marriage to his first wife, with whom he had a daughter, ended due to irreconcilable differences. He later married a Caucasian woman.

His tragic death has sent shockwaves through the business and tech communities, with many paying tribute to his memory.

Investigations are ongoing by relevant authorities to ascertain the cause of his death.

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