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Lagos Landmark Beach Resort Faces Demolition to Make Way for Nigerian Coastal Highway

Lagos Landmark Beach Resort Faces Demolition to Make Way for Nigerian Coastal Highway

Nigerian authorities have issued a demolition order to the owner of the prominent Landmark beach resort in Lagos, citing its obstruction of a planned 700-kilometre coastal highway.

Business mogul Paul Onwuanibe, owner of the multimillion-dollar Landmark Beach resort, received the notice from Lagos state authorities, giving him just seven days to vacate the premises.

Onwuanibe, who acquired the land in 2007 before plans for the highway were drafted, expressed disbelief and apprehension upon receiving the order, which also included instructions to file compensation claims.

Paul Onwuanibe
Paul Onwuanibe, Owner Of Landmark Beach Resort

The Landmark Beach resort, nestled in Lagos’s affluent Victoria Island area, has garnered significant attention from both local and international visitors, contributing to Nigeria’s tourism and hospitality industries.

The proposed coastal highway, with an estimated cost exceeding $841 million, aims to connect Lagos to Calabar and is touted to rival iconic routes like Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Highway and the Pacific Coastal Highway in the United States.

However, environmentalists warn of significant ecological impacts, including the destruction of wetlands and habitats, as well as concerns over sand filling and dredging along the coastal areas.

While acknowledging the economic potential of the highway, stakeholders urge authorities to conduct thorough environmental and social impact assessments before proceeding with the demolition.

Similade Adeodun, a Lagos-based water and environment consultant, emphasizes the need for careful consideration of alternative routes to minimize ecological and economic consequences.

Onwuanibe, while recognizing the long-term benefits of the coastal project, stresses the importance of extensive consultation with affected businesses and communities.

With over $80 to $90 million invested in developing the Landmark Beach resort, Onwuanibe fears the loss of the beach could jeopardize both local and international investments, posing a significant threat to the region’s economic stability.

As debates over the fate of the beach resort intensify, authorities face mounting pressure to strike a balance between infrastructure development and environmental preservation.

The outcome of this contentious issue could not only shape the future of Lagos’s coastline but also influence foreign investment prospects in Nigeria’s evolving economic landscape.

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