Self-Kidnapped Man and Uncle Arrested for N50m Ransom Scam in Delta

Self-Kidnapped Man and Uncle Arrested for N50m Ransom Scam

In a shocking turn of events, a 20-year-old man, Nelson, and his uncle, Jerry Lawrence, have been arrested in Delta state for staging a fake kidnapping and demanding a ransom of N50 million in Bitcoin from Nelson’s father.

According to the police, Lawrence lured Nelson to his house in Warri, promising to give him a PS4, but instead convinced him to participate in the scam. Nelson was chained and beaten, and a video was sent to his father demanding the ransom.

The father paid N5 million in Bitcoin, but the suspects were arrested before they could receive the full amount. During interrogation, Nelson revealed that his uncle had spent N2 million of the ransom without giving him any money.

The police spokesperson, Bright Edafe, expressed concern over the increasing cases of criminal behavior among young people and urged parents to train their children to avoid such incidents.

The video of the suspects’ confession has been released, showing Nelson and Lawrence narrating how they planned and executed the scam.

The police are investigating the matter further to ensure justice is served.

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