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Two dead in Lagos tanker explosion

Two dead in Lagos tanker explosion
Two dead in Lagos tanker explosion

Late Friday night, tragedy struck in the Surulere area of Lagos State as a tanker truck carrying 33,000 liters of petrol lost control while navigating a roundabout, resulting in a devastating inferno at the Ijesha end of the Cele link bridge.

Emergency services were alerted at approximately 23:12hrs, prompting swift action from the Lagos State Fire & Rescue Service. Despite their efforts, the fierce blaze claimed the lives of two individuals, whose bodies were found burnt beyond recognition.

Margaret Adeseye, Director/CEO of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, expressed deep regret over the incident, emphasizing the agency’s commitment to preventing further escalation of the tragedy.

The Isolo and Bolade Fire Stations acted promptly to contain the inferno, while the Lagos State Ambulance Service provided vital assistance throughout the operation.

Currently, emergency workers are engaged in clearing the wreckage from the road to facilitate traffic flow and enable thorough investigative procedures.

The Nigeria Police Force has been handed over the bodies for necessary procedures.

The Lagos tanker explosion left many in agony, especially the relatives of the deceased.

As investigations continue, authorities urge caution and adherence to safety measures on the roads to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

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