Workers Trapped as Building Collapses at Government Teaching Hospital in Ebonyi

Workers Trapped as Building Collapses at Government Teaching Hospital Ebonyi

A three-storey building under construction collapsed on Tuesday evening at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki, leaving two persons trapped.

Emergency response teams conducted a search and rescue operation, successfully rescuing one person who was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. Efforts continued into the night to rescue another individual still trapped under the rubble.

An eyewitness and laborer at the site, who narrowly escaped the collapse, recounted his experience. “I was loading a bag of stones when the building came down. The owner of the house was here, supervising. I was fortunate to survive because I had stepped out to wash my hands,” he said.

Ebonyi State Police spokesperson, DSP Joshua Ukandu, confirmed that police operatives and officials from the Ministry of Works and Capital Development Authority are on the scene, working to rescue the trapped worker.

Late Tuesday night, the second trapped individual was successfully rescued and transported to the hospital for treatment. Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the collapse.

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