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Housing Minister, Ahmed Dangiwa Calls Meeting with Cement Manufacturers Over Soaring Prices

Minister aims to address rising cost of building materials to enhance affordable housing delivery in Nigeria

In an effort to curb the escalating prices of cement and other building materials and to bolster the provision of affordable housing in Nigeria, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmed Dangiwa, has summoned a meeting with cement and building material manufacturers across the country.

The objective of this initiative is to gain deeper insights into the challenges confronting the sector, to devise effective strategies to mitigate the surge in building material costs, and to explore sustainable solutions to address these issues.

Expressing concern over the exorbitant prices of building materials despite the abundant availability of raw materials within the country, Minister Dangiwa highlighted the pressing need to understand the reasons behind the recurring hikes in prices, particularly in the case of cement.

He emphasized that cement producers in Nigeria predominantly source their raw materials locally, making it perplexing to attribute the price hikes solely to external factors such as fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate.

During a courtesy visit by a delegation comprising the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress, and the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association, Minister Dangiwa reaffirmed the government’s commitment to providing decent and affordable housing for low- and medium-income earners, as well as vulnerable groups within society.

Ahmed Dangiwa pledged to foster an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive, including ensuring the accessibility and affordability of building materials.

Earlier in January, the ministry inaugurated the Building Materials Reform Task Team as part of its efforts to revitalize the building materials industry by establishing Building Materials Manufacturing Hubs across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Despite these initiatives, Minister Dangiwa stressed the importance of continued engagement with industry stakeholders, such as building materials manufacturers, to promote affordability in the sector.

Addressing the partnership between the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and organized labor, Minister Dangiwa underscored the need for reform and innovation within the bank’s operations.

He urged the Nigeria Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress, and Nigeria Employers Consultative Association to view the bank and the National Housing Fund Scheme as integral components of their collective efforts to provide decent shelter for their members.

Despite acknowledging the bank’s shortcomings, Minister Dangiwa highlighted its unparalleled role in providing housing solutions to segments of the Nigerian population at favorable terms and conditions, urging all stakeholders to support its endeavors for the greater good.

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