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Ijaw National Congress Calls on Tinubu to Revert to 1963 Constitution

Ijaw national congress urges FG to adopt 1963 constitution
Ijaw national congress urges FG to adopt 1963 constitution

The Ijaw National Congress (INC) has urged President Bola Tinubu to revert Nigeria to the 1963 constitution, following his recent move to revert to the old national anthem.

The INC, the apex socio-cultural organisation of the Ijaw nation, applauded the President’s decision to revert to the old national anthem, describing it as a “welcome development” and a “bold step” to correct past wrongs.

However, the group called on the President to extend this initiative to the 1963 constitution, which had a parliamentary system of government. They argued that the 1999 Constitution currently in use was “rudely and forcibly” introduced to enslave Nigerians, particularly the Niger Delta people.

The Ijaw National Congress urged the President to take urgent steps to revert to the 1963 constitution, warning that failure to do so may lead to imminent anarchy.

A human rights lawyer, Tolu Babaleye, supported the INC’s stance, stating that reverting to the 1963 legal framework would enhance stability, reduce insecurity, and promote equitable development. He also argued that the Niger Delta region had suffered from an inability to control its resources and that a change of the constitution would strengthen the 36 states.

The call for a return to the 1963 constitution has sparked debate on the need for constitutional reform in Nigeria. The President’s decision to revert to the old national anthem has been seen as a positive step towards correcting past mistakes, and the INC’s call may add pressure on the government to consider broader constitutional reforms.

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