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Labour Party Appoints Marcel Ngogbehei to Lead New Directorate for Obidient Movement

Labour party appoints leaders for the Obidient movement
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The Labour Party (LP) has appointed Marcel Ngogbehei, the leader of the Obidient Movement, along with seven other officials, to manage its newly established directorate.

This announcement was made in a statement by LP National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, on Thursday.

The newly appointed executives will be responsible for handling complaints and overseeing the registration of new party members both domestically and internationally. The formation of this directorate follows a statement made two weeks ago by the Julius Abure-led National Working Committee, which highlighted concerns over potential infiltration by saboteurs aiming to destabilize the party.

Julius Abure emphasized that the new directorate would be managed exclusively by members of the Obidient Movement, without interference from other LP executives.

In addition to Ngogbehei, Aju Elumelu has been named Deputy Director in charge of Diaspora affairs. Other appointees include Mrs. Mariam Ismaila, Chukwuemeka Okafor,  Emeka Ezechi Mrs. Angel Innocent, Tony Ashekomeh,  Josiah Omenuwoma,  and all serving Deputy Directors.

The statement from Obiora Ifoh read: “As part of the repositioning efforts of the Labour Party towards integrating millions of our youths and particularly the Obidient family into the larger family, eight new members have been appointed to pilot the affairs of the Obidient Directorate. The inauguration of the directorate will be held on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at the NEC Hall, National Secretariat, Utako, Abuja, by 10 am.”

The directorate’s terms of reference include coordinating the registration of all members of the Obidient community, facilitating their integration into the party structure, easing Diaspora participation, and managing complaints. Additionally, the directorate will handle the collection of dues and donations and collaborate with party leaders to create programs for the effective assimilation of Obidient members.

The Obidient Movement, which emerged during the 2023 general election, consists of young Nigerians who supported LP Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, leading to the party’s notable performance in the February 25 elections.

Currently, the Labour Party boasts one elected governor, 35 members of the House of Representatives, and seven senators.

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